Paul Holmes

From touring with Franz Ferdinand,  Tegan and Sara, The Futureheads, Divine Comedy, Gomez, and Los Lonely Boys to having to having been featured on MTV, Paul Holmes is as dynamic of an artist as he is talented. Paul Holmes spent years collaborating with other artists and bands in Boston, New York, and London. Some of these collaborations have even made it to recognizable ads for Target and Macy’s. 


Paul Holmes has recently side stepped from collaboration to develop his talents as an individual artist. He is certainly one of the most dedicated musicians out there to the point of releasing new songs every week for two solid consecutive years. His new EP “Dude” showcases the stronger rock/alternative side to Paul Holmes’ music, but don’t lump him in with a brand.  


“I always felt quite stifled by having to upkeep a certain look or persona of sorts that fit a specific band thing or album but I think I would have exponentially more to offer with legit personality.  Like a real dude that does a ton of songs rather than rock star BS.”

-Paul Holmes.


Holmes has more music on the way that takes a totally unique turn, yet remains true to Holmes personality.

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