Joseph Caneva

The artist informally known as Joey, formally known as Joseph Caneva, and musically known as The Maladores creates ambient dark and gritty soulful music inspired by grey, lonely DC subways and cold, moonlit stumblings home. Influenced by the musical stylings of The Strokes, The Kooks, The Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys; Joseph Caneva writes music for midnight and the early morning hour aesthetic.


Caneva got his biggest musical break to date at the La Mar de Ruido music festival in Aviles, Spain, where he played bass with three other artists in front of nearly 10,000 people. “It was the closest I ever felt to feeling like a rockstar.” -Joseph Caneva. Although extremely talented in playing bass and guitar, Caneva emphasizes that his identity lies in songwriting. Impatient and frustrated by waiting for bands to come together, Caneva focused fervently on his writing.


“When I got started with songwriting, I was sick of restaurant musicians and corny covers, and wanted to prove that a twenty-year-old could write something concise.”

-Joseph Caneva.


Caneva is currently working on a project that he titles The Maladores, “Spectacula,” an EP and album that he hopes will be ready by Spring of 2018.

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